Celebrating the Spring Equinox with Gong Lab Fri. Mar. 22 7:00-9:00PM ET

“For some the experience is meditative, other’s emotional, even transcendent, but in all circumstances, it is a powerful and unforgettable event.”
Gong Lab is best known for its deeply transporting blend of guided visualization, healing sound, hypnotic percussion, and otherworldly vocals. Each session carefully creates a protected space to disengage from stress and pain, so that the deep relief, bliss, and nurturance of reconnecting with the body’s natural revitalizing energies can be experienced.
The evening begins by candlelight with a direction of intention and guided meditation as participants, reclining comfortably on the floor, are ushered into a spiraling cocoon of luminous sound. The shimmering reverberations of the Earth Gong create sound pressure waves that travel through the connective tissues which form one continuous network into all parts and systems of the body down to a cellular level. These multi-tonal frequencies facilitate the movement of “chi” or “prana” in the body and initiate the release of blocked energy that can often manifest as fear, fatigue, depression or illness. As this energetic recalibration takes place we experience the kind of reorganization of our inner resources that can help us transcend the challenging situations in our daily lives and access new templates for being.

Participants will lay comfortably on the floor for most of the experience. Please bring a mat, blanket, pillow, and any items in support of your deepest clearing and relaxation.


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