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Dancing Feet Yoga, located on the shores of Lake Michigan in the heart of Harbor Country, is an oasis of world class yoga, yoga therapy, teacher training, body work and special events all designed to support your wellness journey.

All ages and experience levels are honored — there are no requirements except an open heart, willing mind, bare feet and comfortable clothing. At Dancing Feet Yoga, you’ll find a beautiful environment and experienced teachers dedicated to supporting your exploration of yoga.


Core Principles – Building core strength and effectively stabilizing the low back with Kathleen Flanagan

inner_core_musclesSaturday, September 27 1:30-5:00 ET

If you suffer from low back pain, or want to understand how to build a strong core  in order to prevent it, please join us. We will cover:

  • Understanding the role of the Transverse Abdominus and Multifidus in chronic low back pain
  • Learning the correct firing order of the abdominal muscles which is the essence of uddiyana bandha
  • Working with the psoas muscle (distinguish between the upper and lower fibers) and the iliacus-QL connection
  • Practicing/developing timing/awareness and engagement to achieve well-organized whole body movement

Saturday, September 27 1:30-5:00 ET
Cost: $60 before Sept.6 $65 after that date

 Limited to 15 students


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