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4 Ways to Relieve Household Tension During the Pandemic

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re all spending a lot more time around the house than normal. It’s completely okay if you’re starting to get a little sick of your family members! Feelings of stress, boredom, and pent-up energy are bound to stir up household tensions, but this doesn’t have to result in conflict. There are several ways to keep stress at bay and enjoy fun-filled days with—or without—your quarantine companions. Here are some simple but effective ways to breathe positivity and calm into your home as you wait out the pandemic with your loved ones.

Get Moving

Few things are better for your whole-body health than regular exercise. If you want to keep your stress in check, start by scheduling more time for exercise into your daily life. And don’t forget to ask your family to join you! There are tons of great ways to work out at home, whether it’s taking a virtual yoga class offered by Dancing Feet Yoga, or trying Pilates, bodyweight circuits, or weightlifting. And don’t be afraid to leave the house. Venturing outside, you can engage in a variety of fun and fulfilling forms of physical activity including swimming, biking, hiking, running, and rock climbing.

Refresh Your Space

If you feel like the walls are closing in on you, it may be time to overhaul your home. It’s impossible to feel calm and relaxed when your home is filled with negative energy. Fortunately, it’s easy to refresh your home by clearing out those bad vibes and injecting some positivity into the mix! Redfin recommends banishing negative energy by purging clutter, opening all the windows, and cleaning every corner of your house. You could even try naturopathic remedies to purify your home after you’ve finished cleaning. Some other simple ways to make your home feel fresh and vibrant include painting your walls in soothing shades and adding potted plants to every room.

Find New Forms of Entertainment

Keeping everyone happy and entertained is the key to preventing household tensions from flaring during these long days stuck at home. But there’s a good chance you’ve run out of stuff to do around the house. Don’t discount video games as a source of healthy family entertainment! According to Mental Floss, playing video games can help improve reading comprehension, hand-eye coordination, decision-making skills, memory, social skills, and stress levels in people of all ages, parents and seniors included!

Make sure your home is set up for a flawless gaming experience so you can avoid frustration when playing online or waiting for games to download. Fiber optic connections are a great option for gaming households! A powerful internet connection will support several devices at once, so you can still watch your favorite shows while your kids play online.

Treat Yourself

Now more than ever, it’s crucial that you make self-care a priority in your life. Not only will self-care keep you healthy, but incorporating good habits into your daily routine—and carving out time for yourself—will help you cope with everything that is going on in the world right now.

Taking care of your skin and hair is an important element of self-care. Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment, trim those split ends, file your nails, and stay consistent with your skincare routine. It’s all too easy to let your self-care habits slide when you’re spending every day at home. Dedicating just a few minutes to your health and beauty routine will keep you feeling your best during the pandemic!

If mounting tensions are giving way to household arguments, complaints, and passive-aggressive remarks, it’s time to shake things up! Make time for some invigorating exercise, give your home a deep decluttering makeover, or steal some “me” time to practice self-care. Most importantly, try to maintain a positive mindset. This is a great opportunity to forge stronger bonds with your loved ones and develop healthy coping habits that will stick with you long after the pandemic is over!

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