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Dancing Feet Yoga, located on the shores of Lake Michigan in the heart of Harbor Country, is an oasis of world class yoga, yoga therapy, teacher training, body work and special events all designed to support your wellness journey.

All ages and experience levels are honored — there are no requirements except an open heart, willing mind, bare feet and comfortable clothing. At Dancing Feet Yoga, you’ll find a beautiful environment and experienced teachers dedicated to supporting your exploration of yoga.



Creating Health Workshop created by Dr Deepak Chopra & Dr. Simon presented by Barbara Manley

Saturday Oct. 1 2:00 – 6:00ET

The 5 Lesson Workshop for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Well Being   

This course will prepare you to create more vitality and creativity in your life by changing old patterns and learning new ways to re-balance and bring more joy into your life while reducing stress.

1. Enliven your senses and quiet your mind to be more present and more focused.
2. Learn about you mind/body type according to Ayurveda (science of life) and learn what foods to eat, how to do a cleanse & purify your body at the change of seasons
3. Create a new Life style: meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, and ayurvedic nutrition: to bring balance to Mind, Body and Spirit.
4. Become more aware of your senses by identifying which sounds, tastes, aromas and colors balance and heal you.
5. Experience an emotional cleansing process to release accumulated toxins.

This course will prepare you for living in the moment and teach you to Create your own Health.  You will experience meditation and breathing and learn to balance your Mind/Body through the five senses.   Learn what music and aroma therapy can do for you, energize or calm.  Also, learn how to do emotional cleansing from the past patterns that no longer serve you.  The best part is the self massage you learn how to do everyday in 5 minutes, to open up the blockages in your energy system.

Chopra Workbook with all of the information on Ayurveda included.  Healthy snacks available and we will discuss Ayurvedic Nutrition and Mindfulness eating.

Barbara has been an R. N. Holistic Educator for over 20 years. She brings years of experience from Western medicine, as well as the Integrative medical approach, which enables the client to participate in their own healingBarbara  taught at the Chopra Center for Well Being for 8 years with Deepak Chopra and David Simon M.D. and teaches meditation, yoga, and Ayurvedic holistic lifestyle.

Oct. 1  2:00 – 6:00 ET
Cost: $45  online in advance, $55 at the door.
Limited spaces available. Preregistration recommended by 9/26


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