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It felt so wonderful to be back at Dancing Feet on Sunday. I feel blessed to have you as my teacher and Dancing Feet as my home yoga studio to come back to again and again. This year we had a wonderfully rich and varied adventure in California, lots of yoga, plus Nia, working out on the ball, Feldenkrais, a running coach, massage, acupuncture, jazz music, ballroom dancing, tantra. Lots of new experiences, and an immense variety of really good teachers. I was able to attend Roger Cole's advanced asana practice in Del Mar each week, always with new knowledge and perspectives about the anatomy of yoga.

After all of that, I think that you're the best. Your slow, introspective approach to practice allowed me to sink deep inside and access a level that I've not been reaching. I was reminded that I've been neglecting my pranayama practice, even though I had Richard Rosen's book with me, read it, and found myself interested in the benefits of the practice. In your class on Sunday, I got a helpful reminder of what I need to work on regularly. When I left DFY on Sunday, I was riding high on my intensified awareness and consciousness. Thank you for being who you are, and doing what you do so well.


When I’m back home and get caught up in my daily grind I step back, take a few moments and envision being in the Dancing Feet studio. It fills me with peace. I can relax get in a little bit of practice in which helps me a better mom and a better me.

Julie M

I am so grateful to Dancing Feet staff for the great classes that keep me flexible, focused and a spiritual mind.  Thank you Don and Marsha for this wonderful Yoga Studio and for giving me dancing feet♡♡♡♡

Theresa C