Therapeutic Yoga and Other Services

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

A combination of classical yoga and elements of contemporary mind-body psychology that facilitates a powerful release of physical and emotional tension. A Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Session is a one-on-one process lasting about an hour. Through assisted yoga postures and non-directive dialogue, Don guides clients to experience the connection of their physical and emotional selves. Using guided breathing, this connection is held and explored, fostering release, personal growth and healing.

Yoga clothing is recommended.
A single session is $125.
A package of 3 is $100 each/ $300
Schedule appointments with Don Wenig at 219-861-3883

Yoga Therapy for Physical and Mental Well-being

Body misalignment, injury or illness can manifest as pain in various parts of the body, often as referred pain from the source. By correcting or improving alignment, pain can be alleviated and optimal muscular and skeletal health achieved.

During your initial session, we will complete a structural alignment assessment and a history & lifestyle review. From this, we will create an individual program to address your physical, and if appropriate, emotional challenges.

The program will include traditional poses and additional exercises that you will be able to continue practicing in your home. Breathwork and meditation techniques will be included as your condition and personal interest directs.

Yoga clothing is recommended. The assessment will be completed fully attired.

The first of the 3 initial sessions will last for 90 minutes and include a full evaluation. The following 2 sessions will last for 60 minutes each – $240
Subsequent sessions will last for 60 mins at $75 each.

A written personalized plan for you to follow at home is available at $25.

Schedule appointments with Don Wenig at 219-861-3883

Ear Acupuncture

Private Ear Acupuncture sessions with Sue Beres.  1 hour sessions will last 45-60 minutes.  Sessions can be private or semi-private depending on your preference.

Sessions are available for $100/1st person, $15/each additional person.