Enrollment and Policies

School will be closed on all federally recognized holidays.  Semester dates for the next scheduled class are September 2019 through May 2020.  Students may enroll up to the beginning of class.  Students must be 18 years of age to enroll.

Graduation Requirements

  • Attendance of all eight weekend courses
  • Meeting all contact hour requirements
  • Completion of 15 practice classes and student evaluations
  • Assisting in 8 classes with approved teacher
  • Submission of all completed homework
  • 2 Teacher evaluations

Policies relative to absences, leaves, and tardiness, make-up work and suspension for unsatisfactory work or attendance and re-entrance conditions:

Attendance is crucial to successful completion of the program; therefore no more than one absence will be accepted. The student is expected to arrange a make-up session to complete the work that was missed.  Any absence must be approved in advance by the director. Make up classes may be scheduled in the next course session or with individual instructors at additional expense. Students who do not adhere to the policies regarding attendance may be suspended and may only be readmitted upon the director’s approval.

Grading Policy

The grading system is a pass/fail system.  Students’ assignments and progress are evaluated monthly.  If a student is having trouble in an area, additional help is available at a cost of $75 per hour.  If class work is not completed, the student risks suspension and may only be readmitted upon the director’s approval.


Re-entrance for failure to complete the course requirements will be at the directors approval and requires make up of all missed content and contact hours. Attendance in make up classes in future course sessions will be at 75% of full tuition prorated on a per session basis.

Student Conduct

All students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner respectful of other students. Ethical standards based on the yamas will be expected. Students who violate these conditions may be expelled and not readmitted.
No recreational drugs or alcohol are permitted. Dress appropriately for yoga practice.

Credit Allowed for Previous Education and Training

Previous yoga education is valued but does not alter the graduation requirements of the program in any way.

Placement Assistance

No placement assistance is provided. Students may apply for assisting teaching internships upon graduation.

Class Tuition 

  • $2915 – One (1) payment with registration before July 1
  • $3134 – One (1) payment with registration July 1 – Sept. 8th
  • $1645 -Two (2) payments: 1 with registration, 1-Dec. 1st
  • $1149 -Three (3) payments: 1 with registration, 1- Dec. 1st, 1- Feb. 13th

Refund Policy

All tuition and fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded if the applicant is rejected by the school before enrollment.  An application fee of $25.00 is retained by DFY if the application is denied.  All tuition and fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded if requested within three (3) business days after signing a contract with the school.  All refunds shall be returned within 30 days. Once the three (3) business days have elapsed no refunds will be given.

Class fees are exclusive of required text books – approximate cost $175

Application Form

Please complete the application form Teacher Training 200hr application 2019 (1)  and submit with your deposit.